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Shun Jackson, MBA, MAPD

Business Performance & Growth Strategist



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My signature business model consists of 4 very important components that helps you to avoid stall-out in your business: Strategy Planning, Business Analysis, Project Management, and Change Management. Each part is necessary in order for you to create, enable, and implement REAL CHANGE in your Business!

Phase 1: Strategy Planning

Determine where you are and where you want to be.

Phase 2: Business Analysis

Identify business needs and determine solutions.

Phase 3: Project Management

Implement systems and processes to meet business needs and goals!

Phase 4: Change Management

Built-in program with live workshops and team development courses.

What People Are Saying

Shun has been instrumental in not only keeping me accountable, but always helping me to figure out my business goals that are in alignment with my authentic self. Now, I am well on my way to fulfilling my dreams. Shun is incredibly easy to talk to! She is smart and an incredibly savvy business consultant. I can honestly say that Shun has encouraged and inspired me in many ways, and I’m so blessed to know her.


Personal Development Coach

Shun is a very knowledgeable, personable, high-integrity professional who is an expert in her field of business analysis. She freely shares what she knows, while maintaining a sharp awareness of her value in the marketplace. Shun has got tons of practical insight, as well as a dynamic network of entrepreneurs and business owners that rely on her expertise to guide them in the right direction. I enjoy her wit and personality, as well as her drive to support women, business owners, and a balanced work/family life for everyone with whom she works. I encourage you to explore and book her services!


Success and Accountability Coach

I have not met a more caring, competent or confident business consultant than Shun Jackson. My experience with her was wonderful as she offered me stellar advice on profitable business practices. Shun went above and beyond in her consultations with me. Shun truly educated me about options that I did not even know I had. I am well on my way to profitability thanks to Shun’s program. To further credit Shun’s dedication to my success, she made herself available for questions I may have in the future. I so appreciate her professionalism and passion in coaching me for success!


Mediator, Ultim8Life Coach and Author

Shun’s expertise is explosive in every sense of the imagination. She is an extremely explorative business consultant. Shun understands the strengths and weaknesses of different styles of leadership and how those leadership styles play viable roles in business growth. The advice she’s given me has been instrumental in my professional growth and success. Appreciative is one of many thoughts that I have towards Shun.


Transformational Leadership Consultant

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