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Why Character Matters to Christians who Lead the Workplace

As the new year approaches us, I want to take the time to speak to Christians in corporate leadership positions. We live in a world today that feels intensely divided and chaotic. It would be no surprise to see social issues begin to touch the workplace and cause even...

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Trust Your Gut? No, Trust the Numbers – Part 2

Are you still struggling to build a solid foundation for your business? Are just winging-it and don't know for sure how your business is doing? If your answer is "Yes", then stop listening to self-designated experts who continue to tell you that it's all about your...

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Trust Your Gut? – No, Trust the Numbers! – Part 1

We live in a touchy-feely online entrepreneur world that wants you to always be in touch with your “feeling” side as a business owner. While there is, indeed, a time and place for this “rule”, to stay in business, it’s more about the numbers. I don’t know how many...

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Welcome to Shun Jackson Consulting!

I'm proud to announce that Shun Jackson Consulting has officially launched! Check my About and Work With Me pages to see how I can help you. Stay tuned for regularly scheduled blog posts on Wednesdays. I look forward to serving and having a dialogue with you!...

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