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Would You Like My Help?

I have over 22 years of experience working with both military and corporate teams. In that time, I’ve helped leaders and teams improve their overall working environments so that they can better focus on implementing the vision and mission of their business.  
We do this through my unique and customizable “Building Better Business Engines™” system.

Through this system, you will improve your systems and processes, create a functional growth-ready business, improve your decision-making capabilities, and invite an environment that allows you to focus on what you do best and what you enjoy the most! 

You are at a point in your business where you are feeling stuck. You aren’t making the progress you’d hoped for at this stage in your business.  You’re spending money on systems you don’t really use, bouncing from one online software service to another, or realizing that after setting everything up, your team, your processes, and your entire operations is too complicated to manage. Your profit margin is dwindling because you’re constantly wasting business resources and not operating to your fullest potential.  

You see, through not having a tailored solution designed specifically for you – for your setup, not having a solid strategy in place in advance for generating sales, or simply hiring the wrong team – all those things can cause you serious stress, financial losses left and right and waste an incredible amount of time.

Ready to Move Forward & Take Action?

I’d like to speak to you if you’re an ‘action taker’ – you’re ready to skip past trying to piece it all together on your own, you understand that investing in sound, practical, creative advice and experience will pay back seven-fold over the long term as you step straight into your own customized strategy.

If you’d like to be considered to be as a consulting client, I have an application form with some important questions of my own, for you. 

Read on if you’d like to move to the next stage…

Phase 1: Connection Call & Proposal

You click on the purple button below & you’ll be taken to a form with some questions, you then submit them to my virtual office. I’ll send an automated acknowledgment of receipt & later inform you if you’ve been selected to move onto Phase 1, which is the initial ‘Connection Call’ with me where I’ll then create a proposal based on your goals & requirements. (Phase 1 is completely free.)

Phase 2: Operations Plan & Support Strategy

If you choose to accept the proposal, there will be a fee for Phase 2, the planning stage, which is based on my expertise. This is where I’ll create a unique, comprehensive and completely customized Operations Plan & Support Package Recommendation. 

I will provide you with a completely laid out vision for your business – including the operational structure & the support you’ll need to make it all happen – basically how it’s going to all look in a big picture sense, before we potentially move forward.

Phase 3: Execution & Ongoing Support

Phase 3 is where you’ll make the decision of how you’d like to move forward with this vision. You have total flexibility & can choose to:

A. Take the plan, & implement it yourself.

B. Hire me to execute the systems set up, & then use your own virtual team for your business support moving forward.

C. Hire me to help execute the set up of everything indicated, & then provide ongoing 1nSourcing Support, or you can work with a recommended & fully briefed 1nSourcer & their team.

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