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Operating Better Business Engines™

Operating Better Business Engines™ (OBBE) is an action-based online operations support system that takes all of the planning from the Building Better Business Engines™ (BBBE) system and implements. The OBBE encompasses two distinct implementation paths that can be purchased separately or together. Path 1 is the implementation of the BBBE plan. Path 2 is the implementation of 1NSourcing™ departments.

Path 1: Implementing the BBBE System

All of the planning in the consulting package via Phases 1 through 4 (Strategy, Business Analysis, Project Management, Change Management) of the BBBE system will be implemented. To find out more about these phases, click here.

Path 2: Implementing the 1NSourcing™ Departments

The 1nSourcing™ package is the perfect solution for you if you’re an entrepreneur and business owner who has been managing and growing your business alone, or possibly with the help of hiring individual freelancers or virtual assistants. It’s even more ideal if you require a more structured and systematic approach to operations, and a managed and trained team with a clearly defined structure that’s able to simply, reliably and professionally make your business function seamlessly online.

Through the hiring my own in-house team, they all specialize in their roles, for example, administration, support desk management, social media marketing and management, content creation, market research, etc…

1NSourcing™ Departments

1nSourcing brings together the 4 “Core Departments” of a growing online service and/or product-based business. These departments are Administrative, Marketing, Human Capital, and Research & Development. Within these departments are necessary roles that enable the business to run smoothly, improve decision-making, and gives the business a foundation for growth. Within these roles are certain essential tasks.

1nSourcing takes care of everything from the overall operations management down to the individual tasks. 1nSourcing covers your core front and back-end administrative, marketing, team development, and research creative requirements, and places your business in safe, reliable and experienced hands.

Everything you could ever need to make the wheels of your online business turn, is built-in.

Is 1NSourcing Right for You?

A consultation (via Email or Phone) is required to first see if 1nSourcing would be a good fit for your business. If it is, we set about choosing which level of service is required in each department of your business (Administrative, Marketing, Human Capital, and Research & Development).

Any package includes the 1nSourcer (Shun Jackson), who acts as your consultant and Chief Operating Officer, the team leader and then the various team roles within that department. The final roles that we’ll provide as part of the overall package will be determined by your unique circumstances. However, all roles will be made available to your business should the need ever arise to utilise them.

How it Works

The package is then managed by your 1nSourcer (Shun Jackson) who will delegate the tasks to the team and allocate the hours accordingly within your package budget.

Usually you will have myself (Shun Jackson) as a point of contact and the team leader who supports me in any given department, and then of course those people in roles that require direct communication with you, such as a personal assistant.

You’re hiring an online business consultant and manager who is responsible for your general operations. I’ve been helping teams and working with various industries for over 22 years, and I began learning all these skills myself – so I don’t just manage, I roll up my sleeves and can help and direct where needed as well.

We grow with you as your business grows and all you have to do is carry on doing what you do best, and leave the rest to us!

Your 1NSourcing Team

The departments and roles we provide are seen in the functional structure below. We operate completely online. I’m American living in Central Standard time zone. However, my team could be spread out across the globe. Therefore, their time zones can and may vary, which means your work will likely be happening around the clock, to what I call “commit lines” – these are the times we’re committed to processing your tasks and responding to your requests.


Executive Assistance

Customer Service Support

General Administration

Online Office Management



Social Media Management

Content Creation

Content Marketing

Ad Creation / Placement

Marketing Apps Management

Human Capital

Team Building

Performance Management

Workforce Training

Leadership Training

Onboarding New Hires

Research & Development

Industry Research

Market Research

New Product Research

Competitor Analysis

Consumer Insights

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