What I Do

/Stall-Out/: a sudden large drop in revenue & profit growth due to increasingly complex processes & systems causing difficulty in decision-making.

I am a business performance & growth strategist Helping struggling businesses achieve optimal financial performance by providing innovative & analytical techniques!

I’m here to help you Build a Better Business

Because Luck is not a Strategy!

Are you prepared to change the way you take action in your business so that you can experience exponential growth and thrive?

You’ve literally taken your business from a dream to a reality. You’ve been busting your butt, making the hard decisions and building your business to its fullest potential. Your business is gaining traction. You’re getting noticed in your industry. Your team is growing! You are proud & enjoying the fruits of your labor.

But…you know that there is still LOADS of work to do before your business is functioning at its best…

Your current systems and processes no longer work or support your growing business! You’ve hit a glass ceiling and it is becoming increasingly impossible to meet your growth goals or implement new ideas. You’re tired of missing new business opportunities and repeating redundancies.

Not only that, your family & your overall personal life have taken a hit because you seem to never have enough time to just breathe…


The Bottom Line is this…

Products and/or services, (not your businesses) compete with other products/services. YOU, the business owner & your business’ resources only exist to support your products and/or services.

The strategies you implement need to function in a way that supports your business model, produce & grows revenues, & consistently generate profits. Anything short of this is just wasting your time & money!

When your strategies, processes & systems no longer work, it is only in due time that your business will also start to struggle…

You have to build a strategy from the top to the bottom…

Your strategy is not just about marketing your business & getting noticed. It is also about how you function on the inside of your business. Take for example the human body…you have the outer layer that is the physical representation of who you are…but once that heart stops beating you stop working…

Your business strategy is your brain at work.

Your business operations is your heartbeat.

Your marketing is your outer and physical representation (how you look to your customers and competitors).

Without these 3 components, your business ceases to exist.

Basically, performance is KEY…This could be a good performance or bad performance.

The performance of your business will be a direct result of the strategic decisions you make and how those decisions are implemented.

So, now, you’re at a point in your business where you ask, “what’s next in my business and how do I get there”?

Sharpen the Saw

Let me introduce you the signature business model that is the core to how I help you realize real Change in your Business! The Building Better Business Engines™ (BBBE) is a cutting edge system that allows you to set up a systematic approach to grow, change, and constantly improve your business. BBBE encompasses four core phases that when completed, you will have ease of decision-making, improvement in processes and business flow, and an increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of your team members and resources!

Phase 1: Strategic Planning

The very first phase in the BBBE model is Strategy Planning. It is here where we will determine, holistically, where you are & where you want to be! You will need to take a pause and figure out what the current state of your business is and develop a map, a path that will get you to your desired location.

We will take a broad holistic look at how you look inside and out: how you look to your customers, how you look to your team, and how you look to your competitors.

Phase 2: Business Analysis

The second phase in the BBBE model is Business Analysis. It is here where we will identify your business needs & determine solutions! After you’ve gone through the strategic planning phase, you will begin to get down in the nitty-gritty of your business operations. Every stone will need to be turned. Every detail of every major process will need to be documented. It is during this phase where you will see how your current business structure aligns with your desired outcome.

We will then determine what’s good in your business and what can be improved. What should we keep doing and what needs to be flushed out? What processes, systems, procedures, team members, resources, etc. are currently in place and how do they positively/negatively affect your desired outcome? What business rules and/or controls need to be put in place to manage the desired results?

Phase 3: Project Management

The third phase in the BBBE model is Project Management. It is during this phase when you will map out and make decisions on how you will implement your new systems and processes to better meet your business needs and goals! Project management is ALL about ACTION and Execution! You will begin to put into effect all of the plans that were developed during the strategic planning and business analysis phases.

Phase 4: Change Management

The fourth phase in the BBBE model is Change Management which will encompass a built-in program with live workshops and team development courses with the sole focus of getting your team on board of these new changes, leading more efficiently during this implementation, refining steps and processes as you work out the kinks in your new strategy and overall controlling the required changes within your new strategy!

Synergize & Implement

Operating Better Business Engines™ (OBBE) is an action-based system that takes all of the planning from the BBBE system and implements. At this point, you will decide one of the following:

1. Hire me and my team to help get you started and then pass off to your own team as you higher them on. We basically help you implement your operational plan that was decided upon through the BBBE program. We offer training and support within this service.

2. We completely pass on all of the planning to you and you decide how you want to implement and who you want to hire base on team member needs identified in your plan.

3. Hire me as your online Chief Operating Officer where I will act as the executive over your team. I will hire based on the needs identified in your plan and manage your team members so you can focus on building your business and having more free time with your family.

Phase 1: Strategy Planning

Determine where you are and where you want to be.

Phase 2: Business Analysis

Identify business needs and determine solutions.

Phase 3: Project Management

Implement systems and processes to meet business needs and goals!

Phase 4: Change Management

Built-in program with live workshops and team development courses.

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