Phase 1: Strategy Planning

The very first phase in the BBBE model is Strategy Planning. It is here where we will determine, holistically, where you are & where you want to be! You will need to take a pause and figure out what the current state of your business is and develop a map, a path that will get you to your desired location.

We will take a broad holistic look of how you look inside and out: how you look to your customers, how you look to your team, and how you look to your competitors. The Strategic Planning phase is broken up into the following 4 steps:

Determine Position

During this step, you will identify strategic issues you’d like to address, identify market opportunities and threats, access your customer satisfaction and determine if there is future demand in specific areas, & compile input from you & your team on perceived strenghts & weaknesses.

Develop Strategy

During this step, you will develop your vision, mission, & core values which will be the main drivers of your business! You will also determine your competitive advantage. This is where you’ll determine the basis for all of the decision-making in your business & detail the long & short-term goals of your business! 

Build the Plan

During this step, you will map out your objectives for 1) your business as a whole, 2) for each department function, 3) for your team, & 4) for yourself as a leader. You will establish plans for both short (within 1-2 years) and long-term goals (within 5 years).

Develop Performance Measures

During this step, you will develop your measures for performance & to track your progress. You will establish a schedule for progress reviews of your business as a whole, each team member, and yourself as a leader.

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