Phase 2: Business Analysis

The second phase in the BBBE model is Business Analysis. It is here where we will identify your business needs & determine solutions! After you’ve gone through the strategic planning phase, you will begin to get down in the nitty-gritty of your business operations. Every stone will need to be turned. Every detail of every major process will need to be documented. It is during this phase where you will see how your current business structure aligns with your desired outcome.

We will then determine what’s good in your business and what can be improved. What should we keep doing and what needs to be flushed out? What processes, systems, procedures, team members, resources, etc. are currently in place and how do they positively/negatively affect your desired outcome? What business rules and/or controls need to be put in place to manage the desired results? The Business Analysis phase is broken up into the following 4 steps:

Gather Info.

During this step, we will first get a listing of all of your major processes that keep your business running. We will then list those processes in order of most important. We will notate any processes that seem to be inefficient. We will take a a holistic look at each process by asking efficiency & inefficiency questions of those who are responsible for the process.

Document Processes

During this step, we will map out from the first to last step of each major process. Depending on how complext each process it, this step could be lengthy. Each process will be later captured in an official Policy & Procedure manual that you can for training & consistency purposes.

Evaluate Options

During this step, we will evalute alternative options for each major process. This could mean the suggestion of newly implemented systems to automate these processes, the elmination of entire processes, or a process staying as-is. 

Define Rules

During this step, you will take any new alternatives & establish your new business rules. These business rules implement structure & influence the way your business behaves. These rules will apply to your processes, systems, & team & will help you control & achieve your business goals. 

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