Phase 4: Change Management

The fourth phase in the BBBE model is Change Management which will encompass a built-in program with live workshops and team development courses with the sole focus of getting your team on board of these new changes, leading more efficiently during this implementation, refining steps and processes as you work out the kinks in your new strategy and overall controlling the required changes within your new strategy! The Change  Management phase is broken up into the following 4 steps:

Leadership Transition

During this step, the CEO & any designated team members will go transition workshops to understand the new changes of the business & know what needs to be communicated to their team(s) & how. 

Communications Plan

During this step, a communications plan will be developed to document how all new changes will be detailed to the team, how it will be communicated, & when.

Transition Workshops

During this step, the communications plan will be implemented & all team members will go through transition workshops to understand the new direction of the business & their new roles & responsibilities & how they will do business in the near future.

Results Assessment

During the last step of this phase, the changes will be assessed by reviewing the positive or possible negative affects of the changes & via feedback from both leadership and the team.

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